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小 握手心型 图标

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Colore disegnato a mano
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Le Icone correlate sono le icone con corrispondenti tag, come pure tutte le icone di popular icons. Tutte le icone sono nello stesso stile piatto. È possibile scaricare gratis icone PNG o acquistare le vettoriali in SVG
Idea di Icona Notizie
It square with the back end folded over twice. The front looks like news print on a long sheet with the whole thing folded in thirds. It basically looks like a folded up newspaper that's ready to be tossed on a porch.
Questa è una Notizie icona. L'abbiamo fatta in stile iOS , introdotto per la prima volta nella versione 7 di iOS e supportato in tutte le versioni fino alla più recente (almeno fino alla versione iOS 11). Questo stile si basa su linee fine da due-pixel ed è ottimizzato per il formato 50x50 px. A differenza di altri pacchi di icone vettoriali che hanno semplicemente centinaia di icone, questo pacchetto contiene 13,300 icone, tutte dello stesso stile e qualità.

Idea di Icona Notizie di Ivan from Icons8

Abbiamo ricevuto l'idea su December 24, 2011 e creato le icone su January 22, 2012

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Storia dell'Icona Notizie

An embargo was imposed on Cuba; JFK was assassinated, and Elvis died on the toilet; all great news. But today, the news has gone digital, and we are more than happy to help you bring your news out by providing you with a simple, but effective icon design. This free downloadable icon can be used in many different ways:
  • To provide a link to a wonderful article about your cheating wife and your neighbor.
  • A link to an article written to spread lies about your boss's secretary and her sexual preferences.
  • A news article, outlining your great achievements in life. Of course, if those achievements were real, you wouldn't need all the attention that comes with a news article.
  • An article, debunking the JFK assassination with yet another creepy conspiracy theory, something about his cousin's wife.
  • Castro is going capitalist, yeah right!
  • A myth about Elvis living in Hawaii, apparently after he fell asleep, he accidently flushed himself down the toilet and ended up in the beautiful Pacific, and they said the sewer system was shitty, ha!
The news articles go on and on, and our news icon can help you get started!

Icons8 is not liable for any of your conspiracy theories on Elvis sightings, JFK's cousin, Fidel Castro and his "new system", or your wife, keep us out of it!

Usage of News Icon

Exchange of news is one of the oldest human activities. In ancient times, messengers were appointed to spread the word to everyone. It was in the Roman Forum that the first handwritten news has originated. Even with the evolution of technology, people still refer to news for information on what is going on in the world.

When to Use News Icon?
News has evolved from being handwritten in papers to being digitally published in the internet. But this icon is a great to use if you want to influence your readers to subscribe to your newsletters.

How to Use News Icon?
Place it on a strategic location in your website so that readers will see it while navigating your site.

In as much as you like our news icon, there are different icons related that you can choose from.

Newspapers have also been evolving- from handwritten newspapers to the modern newspapers that contain coloured images.

Other icons that go well with the News Icons are:
  • Hot Article Icon
  • Joomla Icon
  • Wikipedia Icon
  • RSS Icon
  • Magazine Icon

You can access the news in these places:
  • Google Scholar
  • Library
  • News Stands
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