Icon Request

HBO Max In the "Color" Style. Similar to these two: https://icons8.com/icon/KZJmkxc0WHm1/hbo ; https://icons8.com/icon/20469/hbo-go
Disney+ In the "Color" style. There's a "Disney" one (https://icons8.com/icon/oFJj30TOI1Ha/disney-logo), which is similar but missing the + and the little arch
fallout 4
disney dreamlight valley
the sims 4
dora dora
Jorginho on Arsenal & Italy In the style of the attached image, wearing his #20 for Arsenal & #8 for Italy.
android settings icon
Spotify: repeat 1, repeat all, repeat off (faded or small red X), Play and Pause in one, Volume +, Volume -, info 'i' in circle, +song to list, change playback device please
qmk toolbox icon (first one image that looks like a chip), happy hacking keyboard keymap tool (second image with red squiggly line), dip switches, HHKB reymap please
Clip past 30 seconds icon, clip past 1minute icon // Games: Teamfight Tactics penguin, Dicey Dungeons, Fall Guys, Super Auto Pets, Goose Goose Duck, Mini Motorways, Tricky Towers, Unrailed!, unpacking, Speedrunners, Pico Park please
LIFX Icon, Computer monitor, Computer Monitor Speaker with Audio symbol, Headset(has mic)with Audio symbol, light bulb with power button, light bulb with different brightness level indicator (light rays), multiple clipboards icon (for multiclip feature) please
Valorant Agents: Brimstone, Sage, Sova, Neon, Chamber, Viper, KillJoy, Raze, Phoenix, Omen, Astra, Jett, Reyna, Breach, Yoru, Harbor, Fade, Cypher, Skye, Kay/0 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee